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How it Works

Taste the difference

Once our sons were grown and on their own, we redirected our “raising” energies into a new endeavor—raising cattle. We are passionate about the well-being of the cattle in our care and are committed to finding ways to make ranching more sustainable and environmentally sound.

Our goal is to produce beef that reflects a strong commitment to the health of the cows, the planet, and the people our beef nourishes.

The result? Big Lost Beefit’s like small-batch bourbon but for beef connoisseurs.

How Shares work

  1. Choose between a eighth, quarter, half or full Share and reserve by purchasing online. Please note that we can only sell our Shares to those living in a 300 mile radius of our ranch in Mackay, Idaho.

    BUT WAIT! We also sell our Big Lost Little Box and Big Lost Burger Box, which ship throughout Idaho and surrounding states!
  2. Let us do the work raising the best-quality beef money can buy. We will contact you once your share is ready with the final balance.
  3. Once the final invoice is paid, we will coordinate your delivery.

Reserve your Share

What is in a Share?

Full Share
Approx. 400 lbs

Half Share
Approx. 200 lbs

Eighth Share
45 lbs

Ground Beef
85/15 Vacuum-sealed 1 lb packs

Premium 1″ Steaks
T-bone Ribeye, Sirloin

Roasts & Ribs
Chuck, Rump, Sirloin, Round & Short Ribs

Stew/Kabob Meat, Brisket and Soup Bones upon request

We pride ourselves on the highest standard of beef

We want our customers to feel confident that the beef they are buying from us is raised with the upmost care and the highest standards. We never use growth hormones or antibiotics and are practicing regenerative agriculture practices. We don’t us Roundup, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

Back to basics, pure and simple.