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Big Lost Beef

Good, clean beef from our ranch to your table!

Our Story

We (Chris and Jackie Flanigan) understand what a privilege it is to work with the land and animals. We always take the extra step to make sure our cattle are well cared for and not put under any unnecessary stress.

We strongly believe in pasture raised meat.

There is a big difference between pasture-raised meat and industrially produced meat. Pasture-raised animals spend their time eating vegetation, unconfined and have a quality of life the way it was before factory farming.

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Our Ranch

The Big Lost River Ranch is located in the heart of the Big Lost Valley where the highest peaks of Idaho are the backdrop and Big Lost River runs through our ranch.

Big Lost
Steak Box
Big Lost
Little Box

Our Beef

If this is your first rodeo tasting Big Lost Beef, you are in for a treat.

Our beef goes from our ranch in the Big Lost Valley, to the local butcher, then delivered to your door. When meat is raised right, it tastes better than any beef you have ever had.

Our cattle spend the summer on our South Ranch where the eat from pristine pastures, with a mixture of wild native grasses, wildflowers and other forages.

In the late summer, we lead them to the Home Ranch by horseback, where they continue to graze on pasture grass and are supplemented with a GMO free mixture of barley, corn and alfalfa (no corn or soy). This special finish is why the flavor of our beef stands out.

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